Thank you for visiting my Web site.  My name is Rob Theriault (pronounced like Ontario without the “On”). I am a professor at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada where I teach a 2 year Primary Care Paramedic Program and a 1 year post-diploma Advanced Care Paramedic program.  My reason for creating this site, was twofold: 1. Because I am deeply grateful for everything I’ve learned over the years from other paramedics, physicians and many other health professionals, and I would like to give back.  If you visit the eLearner (for paramedics and those thinking or embarking on this career) and eEducator (for EMS/paramedic educators) tabs to the right, you’ll see hundreds of educational Podcasts  which I hope you will find helpful in your learning journey.  2. I am on a weekly Internet radio show called  the EMS Educast (Podcast for EMS educators), and I was pressured by my co-hosts to create a blog where people can find me (LOL). However this site is less of a blog and more of a repositoty of educational Podcasts for paramedics and educators.

In addition to teaching, I continue to work on weekends and through the summer as an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP). I  have been in this profession since 1984 and I have worked in Ontario and British Columbia. I’ve also been very fortunate to have lived through some of the most exciting changes in our profession’s history.

This is a young profession, but one that has grown up quickly. Paramedicine is the step sister of emergency services and the foster child of health care. It is young but evolving rapidly. It is still developing it’s identity and trying to establish itself as a distinct and globally recognized profession, separate from the other emergency services, distinct as a health discipline and equally important and indespensible as any profession would hope to be.

I hope you enjoy this Website, my Podcasts, and I hope you’ll post your comments and constructive feedback :)


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